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The auto lender, which has been operating under tight regulatory restrictions since its bailout during the financial crisis, will now be allowed to use its federally insured deposit base to fund more of its loan portfolio.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau denied an auto dealer trade group's request for a document detailing limits imposed by Honda's financing arm on dealer price discretion.
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The Conference of State Bank Supervisors recently challenged college students to examine how community banks survived the financial crisis, and the contest highlighted innovative strategies used by Main Street banks such as Bank of American Fork in Utah.

Andrea Smith, Bank of America's head of human resources, will eventually take control of the bank's stress test submissions. That assignment, part of her elevation to chief administrative officer, has sparked concerns about whether a human resources executive can handle a job normally given to a chief risk officer or chief financial officer.
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A new ad from the U.S. unit of Toronto-Dominion Bank that features a same-sex couple is more than a social statement, as it also says a lot about the fragmentation, context and consumer control that are part of modern TV viewing habits, according to the company's top marketing executive.

While some critics see banks' innovation labs as wasteful, unapplied research, Wells Fargo has embraced the hot trend by establishing six such labs, a so-called accelerator program and now an innovation group. The bank's Steve Ellis explains its rationale.
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Tough competition for loans and ever-stronger credit quality has Discover CEO David Nelms considering a move down the credit spectrum toward more subprime consumers.

The bankruptcy of Wingspan Portfolio Advisors epitomizes the existential crisis facing default servicing. This once-thriving sector of the mortgage industry now finds itself declining in lockstep with the drop in loan delinquencies and foreclosures.

If the decision by the New York appeals court is upheld, banks and other lenders could have trouble finding buyers for credit card and other consumer loans.
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The Ohio company has been giving customers longer grace periods to address overdraft charges. While it has seen service charges decline, the company has been adding customers and checking accounts.
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Bankers were pleased with the dramatic leap in home lending last quarter, but they cautioned that volume will slow in the second half as rate increases curb refinancings, nonbanks provide stiffer competition, servicing costs remain high and underwriting standards change.

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