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Add retail customers to the list of groups raising concerns about possible high-pressure product-sales tactics at Wells Fargo; many of them are considering jumping ship in response, according to a new survey of customer attitudes at big banks. However, Wells' rivals shouldn't celebrate — they are at risk of losing customers, too, for a variety of reasons.

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Hours after Jamie Dimon alluded to the budding partnership, the banking giant and marketplace lender went public with their plans to launch an online lending platform in 2016.

Anticipation of rising interest rates has stirred more talk among mortgage lenders about the need to originate loans to borrowers with low credit scores. Mortgage lenders like Angel Oak Home Loans in Atlanta argue there is a distinction between the subprime products being pitched today and the infamous stated-income loans of yore.
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Auto-loan, commercial-mortgage-backed and other securitizations use what is known as the swaps curve to price floating-rate deals. But pricing volatility is causing some to ask whether the market should go back to Treasuries after a 15-year hiatus.

Darien Rowayton Bank used funds from a 2010 recapitalization to start refinancing student loans in a move that, so far, has been lucrative for the institution.

Bryan Sullivan, the CFO at LoanDepot, talks about its growth prospects without fuel from an initial public offering, how getting consumers to opt for home equity lines of credit is tough, and why he considers the nonbank a disruptor.

A report released by Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee accuses the CFPB of willfully overstepping the law to punish indirect auto lenders for alleged discriminatory practices that, the report says, are fair business.
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The Federal Housing Administration's annual financial report demonstrates the outsized influence of reverse mortgages on the performance of its insurance fund, fueling a debate about whether those loans belong there.

A federal judge who dismissed a case against two high-cost lenders suggested the outcome was unfortunate, but said her hands were tied by the law.

When Guaranteed Rate's Sam Sharp discovered past clients' online reviews were bringing in new mortgage customers, he started making borrower feedback a major part of his digital marketing strategy.

A class-action lawsuit filed against some of the biggest names in retail banking and payments could prompt financial firms to reconsider their relationships with customers that play fantasy sports.

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