For the sanity of the IT department and to ease regulators' concerns, more banks are looking at mobile device management software to manage, secure and back up employees' phones and tablets. Increasingly workers want to use their personal devices for work, too.


Small credit union is testing a tech-based solution to an old-world problem: busy branch lobbies.

Fraud fighters have spotted a new form of ATM skimming device that is so small it's easy for the human eye to miss.
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In the world of official corporate comments, give peer-to-peer lender Lending Club a gold star. A rival firm, Upstart, says that one of its co-founders, Paul Gu, applied to Lending Club for a loan and was offered a high interest rate, but Lending Club challenged that tale in a humorous rebuttal.

With millions of malware strains targeting mobile devices today, bank CEOs and their security chiefs are understandably anxious. Here's a look at several defensive moves banks can make.

Peer-to-peer lender Upstart is aiming to identify young but high-quality borrowers by integrating applicants' grades, alma mater and even their SAT scores into its underwriting decisions. Banks could learn from this model, even though it may have shortcomings.
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R.C. Giltner Services says it can help smaller financial institutions sell reimagined checking accounts for a consumer base that's hankering for them.

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Throughout Europe and Asia in particular, ATMs are being used to distribute an increasingly wide array of financial and non-financial products and services.

A recent GAO report called for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to be involved in interagency discussions about virtual currencies, but others say the bureau's jurisdiction is murky, technology may move too fast for consumer rulemaking and too much regulation too early could kill innovation.
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In the banking world, branches came first and ATMs came later to streamline the experience. But in the Bitcoin world, ATMs came first with limited features, and the ATM makers are working hard to add the sort of services that one might find in a mainstream bank branch.

Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng
As large companies wait 45 to 120 days to pay their bills, small suppliers grapple with cash flow and credit problems. Enter a new breed of online lender that gives immediate credit for invoices made out to large, dependable companies.
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