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Point Breeze Credit Union, WESTconsin Credit Union and others have announced personnel changes.
Tonia Niedzialkowski, Point Breeze Credit Union
Tonia Niedzialkowski, Point Breeze CU
Point Breeze Credit Union in Hunt Valley, Md., has named Tonia Niedzialkowski as chief operating officer.
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Ray Phillips, Hanscom FCU
Hanscom Federal Credit Union in Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts has selected Ray Phillips, a longtime board member, to serve as chairman.
Lorene Meyer, West Community Credit Union.jpg
Lorene Meyer, West Community CU
Lorene Meyer has been named as vice president of human resources and training at West Community Credit Union in O'Fallon, Mo.
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Joan Nelson, Coastal Credit Union
Joan Nelson, board chair at Coastal Credit Union in Raleigh, N.C., will be inducted into the African-American Credit Union Hall of Fame.
Allison Spitzer, Redwood Credit Union.jpg
Allison Spitzer, Redwood CU
Redwood Credit Union in Santa Rosa, Calif., has appointed Allison Spitzer as vice president of retail lending.
Tara Tocco, Hughes Federal Credit Union.jpg
Tara Tocco, Hughes FCU
Tara Tocco, internal audit manager at Hughes Federal Credit Union in Tuscon, Ariz., was awarded this year's Randy Manscill Excellence in Service Award from the Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors.
Amber Danford, CO-OP.jpg
Amber Danford, CO-OP Financial Services
CO-OP Financial Services, a fintech and payments firm, has hired Amber Danford as vice president of client services.
Scott Giltner, WESTconsin CU.jpg
Scott Giltner, WESTconsin CU
WESTconsin Credit Union in Menomonie, Wis., has named SCott Giltner as chief lending officer.