A Year Of Re-Examining What It Means To Be A CU

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-Perhaps no year has placed more of a spotlight on what it means to be a credit union than did 2005. As the year began, massive efforts were underway to help credit unions in Sri Lanka to recover from the tsunami so that they, in turn, could aid their communities, and two giant Texas credit unions announced they would seek to become banks. Over the course of the year, NCUA would challenge those conversions and the degree of disclosure that should be provided to those members; the California/Nevada leagues spent $6 million advertising fundamental aspects of credit unions, and credit unions across the country demonstrated compassion and community in assisting those hit by this year's hurricanes. Near the end of the year, Congress challenged credit unions to prove the tax-exemption was still deserved.

Inside this special 2005 Year-End Report, readers will find:

* Update on stories the Journal reported during 2005

* CUs and financial trends during 2005, page 15

* Birth & Death (of names) announcements, page 16

* The year in Journal front pages, pages 17-21

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