After 35 Years, Bumgardner Retires; Treichel New RD

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With little fanfare, NCUA announced last week that its longtime Region I director, Layne Bumgardner, had retired after almost 35 years with the agency.

Bumgardner headed the agency's northeast regional office for most of the past 13 years, interrupted only for brief stints as head of NCUA's Y2K task force and as director of strategic planning, making him among the longest-serving regional directors.

As head of the region, the bear-like Bumgardner, an imposing 6 feet 4 inches and about 240 pounds, was instrumental in many of the agency's prominent credit union cases over the past decade, including dozens of mergers and liquidations during the early 1990s when CUs experienced some of the same kind of problems as s&ls and banks. He also oversaw the agency's work in helping clean up the destruction caused by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

In Bumgardner's place, the NCUA board has appointed deputy executive director, Mark Triechel, a 16-year NCUA veteran, to run the Northeastern region.

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