AmeriCU Cites Benefits Of Direct Check Ordering

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Since moving to a program in which its members work directly with Deluxe to select check designs, AmeriCU here said it has been able to directly measure results related to the check program management. The credit union has adopted DeluxeSelect from the St. Paul, Minn.-based Deluxe. "We're now moving about 50% of our check orders to the DeluxeSelect channels, which means we're handling thousands fewer check orders ourselves," Laurie Jaquays-Semo, supervisor of branch services for AmeriCU.

Deluxe reported that prior to implementing DeluxeSelect, AmeriCU was only moving about 13% of orders to the Internet or to call centers. "DeluxeSelect puts Deluxe in a one-to-one relationship with members to manage the check marketing and ordering process through call centers and the Internet," the company said. "Deluxe research indicates the vast majority of consumers would prefer a stylish check design and related products, but most settle for plain checks and standard checkbook covers because they are unaware of the product choices available to them."

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