Bellco CU Foils I.D. Theft Ring

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A man who tried to open an account at Bellco CU using a fake driver's license may be part of an international identity theft ring, according to authorities.

The suspect, identified as William Gossett, was arrested after a credit union employee thought he was behaving suspiciously and called the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department.

After a deputy arrived and began asking questions the suspect ran to his car and fled, leading deputies on a high speed chase, before being cornered. Deputies found three different drivers' licenses-two from Massachusetts and one from Florida-on Gossett, all with Gossett's photo but different names.

Authorities believe Gossett is involved in an international ring that produces the website, which gives people access to the tools they can use for identity theft, such as credit reports and identification.

He was being held in Arapahoe County Jail on nine charges, including forgery and criminal impersonation.

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