Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals' CEO John Lauck dies

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John Lauck, president and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, died on Feb. 7 following complications from a bike accident.

John Lauck, president and CEO of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
John Lauck, president and CEO of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

While not directly a part of the credit union movement, oversaw CMN during a time when the industry solidified the charity’s status as CUs’ philanthropic partner of choice.

Credit unions regularly raise money for local CMN hospitals and the annual Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run in Washington has benefitted the charity for more than a decade. Since 1996 the movement has raised more than $185 million for CMN hospitals through Credit Unions for Kids, a partnership of individual CUs, trade associations and other partners.

“John’s passing is a tremendous loss for our network; he will be missed by many,” Bill Cheney, CEO of SchoolsFirst Credit Union and a member of the CMN Hospitals board of trustees, said in a statement online. “For nine years, he has lead CMN Hospitals to incredible fundraising growth. What’s most impressive is he has done it by always keeping the important mission of saving kids’ lives at the center of everything our network does. John was a great advocate for the credit union industry, ensuring a spot at the table for representatives to sit on national boards.”

“CMN Hospitals and Credit Unions for Kids will honor John’s legacy by continuing to raise funds for children’s hospitals across North America,” he said, crediting Lauck with establishing a culture centered on the idea that to change kids’ health was to change the future.

Nick Coleman, director of strategic partnerships at CMN Hospitals, said in an email Lauck’s death will not impact the charity’s partnership with the industry.

“Our organization has been so grateful for the support credit unions have provided to children’s hospitals across the country and I will continue working with our internal team to make sure that credit unions continue to receive the fundraising resources they need,” he said.

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