City Approves CU's TallRequest

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GOSHEN, Ind. - (03/24/05) -- The city's Board of Zoning Appealsapproved a request by Farm Bureau CU Tuesday to build a190-foot-tall radio tower to facilitate faster and cheapercommunications between the credit union and its seven branches.Some board members considered the tower an eyesore but the majorityof the panel was convinced by noting that several eyesores alreadyexist in the area, including power lines. Credit union officialssay they could save as much as $1,000 a month on communicationscosts with the tower, which will be constructed adjacent to thecredit union's new headquarters being built at the site. The newtower will replace replacing an existing 60-foot-tall structureacross the street form the site and allow the credit union to stopleasing a tower south of the city. Credit union officials said theywould also lease space on the structure to other users.

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