Clark County Members Now $12 MillionRicher

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LAS VEGAS - (01/06/06) – The 36,000 members of ClarkCounty CU got a nice New Year’s present Thursday–arecord-setting dividend totaling $12.4 million deposited into theiraccounts by their credit union. This year’s payout, believedto be the largest ever awarded by a credit union, came in small andlarge packages, with the biggest single payment totaling $51,000.The average dividend was $342.59. Credit union officials attributedthe record dividend to strong financials caused by favorableinterest rates, a booming real estate market, the start of businesslending, and lower than projected loan losses. The $12.4 millionpayout is more than double last year’s $5 million dividend.The $525 million credit union serves employees of Las Vegas andHenderson cities, medical professionals, members of Nevada PublicRadio, and numerous select groups.

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