Convictions Unravel In 10-Year-Old CopShooting, CU Heists

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WAUKESHA, Wis. - (02/25/05) -- A 29-year-old man convicted in the1994 crime spree that included two credit union robberies and endedwith the murder of a local police officer, said he will use theinsanity defense when he is retried for the crimes in May. TedOswald, who was convicted with his father, James Oswald, claims hewas forced to go along by his abusive father who coerced thethen-19-year-old to participate in the bloody crime spree thatculminated with the murder of Waukesha Police Capt. James Lutzafter father-and-son robbed a Bank One branch in April 1994. Oswaldand his father also robbed Medical Systems CU, in Waukesha, andLandmark CU, in Brookfield, in December 1993. Oswald had hisconvictions in the case overturned because of juror bias. Meantime,James Oswald, now 59, is appealing his convictions, aswell.

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