Corporates Urged To Become 'More Creative'

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Corporate credit unions were told they need to become "more creative" if they intend to make an impression.

During the Corporate Network's annual Marketing Forum here, speaker Andy Dinkin told corporate marketers and business development professionals they need to "get creative if you want to be remembered."

"Some of the most successful people are those that create a brand for themselves. Creating a brand will not only get you noticed, but with a little creativity, you'll be the brand of choice for your credit union members," Dinkin added. "Be the person with the funny joke, the quirky business card or the cheerful voice-mail message, and you'll be surprised how well you'll be remembered."

Nearly two-dozen marketing and business development executives from 13 of the nation's corporate credit unions met in Boston for the annual Marketing Forum. Attendees were also given product updates from U.S. Central, an overview of the emerging economy, an update on SimpliCD, a session on media relations, and a workshop focused on brand and advertising development.

During the meeting its executive committee was also reappointed. Members are: Chairman Paul DeWyse, director of Business Development at Central Corporate Credit Union; Vice-Chairman Paul Hixon, AVP of Marketing & Communications at Corporate One FCU; Terry Young, director of Marketing & Communications at Southwest Corporate FCU, and Kim Bickford, SVP/Chief Operating Officer at Northwest CU.

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