Corrections & Clarifications

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* In follow up to a story on Coast Central CU that appeared in the Oct. 18 issue, Diebold has issued a clarification of a statement it made. Diebold had stated that it recommends firewalls to protect its IP-based ATMs. It added, "Diebold's security components include the following: an ATM operating system and application hardening, network and host-based firewalls, centralized digital security monitoring, management, logging and alerting, and ATM security scanning, along with the Sygate Security Agent and management server."

* Wescom Credit Union's name appeared incorrectly in the Oct. 25 issue.

* A headline in the Dec. 6 issue incorrectly stated that the Utah legislature had sent a resolution to Congress calling for the right to tax federal credit unions. It is discussing the issue, but has yet to pass the legislation.

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