Credit Union Journal April Conference Will Focus On Best Practices

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Credit unions across the country have developed numerous, innovative best practices across a range of disciplines. Now they're going to share them.

The Credit Union Journal has announced plans to host its first-ever Best Practices Conference April 26-28 at the Hyatt Hotel in Miami. The meeting will build upon the reputation The Credit Union Journal has established for high-quality, informative and cost-effective conferences, and the Best Practices conference promises to be among the best of all.

The conference will be based on The Credit Union Journal's highly successful 2005 Best Practices issue, published Nov. 7. That issue featured almost two-dozen separate best practices that were nominated by credit unions of all asset sizes around the U.S. and then selected by the newspaper's editors. The best practices featured included incentive programs, financial education, video marketing, monthly reporting processes, recruiting and retention, member convenience, training, loan processing, and much more.

The credit union best practices featured were developed in-house and through outside suppliers, and in some cases were a combination of both.

These very same credit unions and suppliers that developed these Best Practices will be presenting their achievements to the meeting's attendees and will be available for questions and discussion.

Take Home Ideas

"A hallmark of the credit union community-indeed the very reason it has prospered-has always been innovation and a willingness to share those innovations with one another," said Frank J. Diekmann, Editor of The Credit Union Journal. "The goal of this meeting is to highlight best practices that credit unions can implement within their own operations. Every participant will take away numerous ideas, strategies and tactics. We have always strived to provide a very high return on investment with our conferences, and I believe the value of the content at the Best Practices conference will be yet another piece in that fine tradition. As always, much of the meeting content will be based upon feedback and suggestions from credit unions themselves, and will focus on the pragmatic and practical."

The best practices to be featured won't just come from within credit unions. An exciting and novel part of The Credit Union Journal's Best Practices Conference will be the inclusion of best practices from outside of the "credit union box," allowing participants to learn from what is being done elsewhere and what members are experiencing with other providers.

And that's not all. In addition to the best practices themselves, the conference will focus on the process of creating best practices and removing management and cultural roadblocks.

Details on this exciting meeting will be made available in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, put into place your own Best Practice and reserve April 26-28 in Miami for The Credit Union Journal's Best Practices Conference.


WHAT: Credit Union Journal Best Practices Conference

WHEN: April 26-28

WHERE: Hyatt Hotel, Miami, Fla.

HOW: Do I Sign Up? Watch The Credit Union Journal and for details.

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