CU-Backing Helps Boost Incumbent In ToughPrimary

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SALT LAKE CITY - (06/29/06) – Broad support by thedistrict’s credit unions helped push five-term incumbent Rep.Chris Cannon to victory in Tuesday’s Republican primaryagainst a well-funded opponent. America First FCU President RickCraig and executives from 11 other area credit unions sent tapedmessages to members endorsing Cannon’s reelection. Thosecredit unions also sent some 80,000 mailers backing Cannon, anoriginal sponsor of the credit union regulatory relief bill, knownas CURIA. CUNA also contributed the maximum allowable $10,000 toCannon’s race. The five-term Republican bested millionairereal estate developer John Jacob, 56% to 44%, in a race focused onthe immigration issue. Jacob, who was funded by national interestgroups, including the anti-immigration Minutemen, hoped to outflankCannon with the GOP faithful by backing efforts to send illegalimmigrants to their home countries and punishing businesses forhiring them. Cannon voted for a tough immigration bill in December,but also favors President Bush’s guest worker proposal,allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. The credit unioncampaign was reminiscent of the 2002 effort when many of the samecredit unions helped boost Rob Bishop over banker-backed Kevin Garnin the GOP primary, noted Scott Simpson, president of the UtahLeague of CUs. The major difference this time, was thatCannon’s opponent did not have a record on opposing creditunions, as Bishop’s opponent, Simpson told The Credit UnionJournal. Cannon is expected to win reelection now to the largelyRepublican seat.

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