CU Execs In GOP's Corner

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WASHINGTON - (08/30/04) -- If campaign contributions areconsidered the major indicator of political support, then creditunion executives appear to be overwhelmingly in favor of theRepublican Party and President Bush's reelection campaign. FederalElection Commission reports reviewed by The Credit Union Journalshow that credit union executives have made 125 individualcontributions of more than $200 totaling more than $75,000 toeither the Bush-Cheney Campaign or one of the Republican Partyorganizations. That includes 40 contributions totaling $35,000 toBush-Cheney, and 50 contributions for a total of $25,000 to theNational Republican Congressional Campaign. Also, the RepublicanNational Committee received 21 credit union contributions for atotal of $7,200. The Democrats, including the Kerry-EdwardsCampaign, received far less credit union support; just 27contributions for a total of $13,000. Kerry-Edwards received 14contributions, four from the same executive, for a total of only$6,000.

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