CUDL Launches New AutoSMART Portal

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ONTARIO, Calif. – CUDL, a provider of indirect auto loan services for credit unions, introduced a new dealer portal website yesterday at the annual National Auto Dealers Association Convention and Expo.

Dealers have the ability to access important data from the CUDL lending platform through the new dealer portal, including: number of participating credit unions and credit union members on the CUDL platform in their local region; database of preapproved customers (credit union members); national CUDL credit union lending data; number of visitors to the CUDL AutoSMART vehicle shopping website, as well as the number of members viewing their dealership’s inventory and store information; and number of loans and total loan amount funded through the CUDL lending platform.

CUDL said its new Dealer Portal offers a “dynamic, state-of-the art site” designed to help dealers secure credit union financing for their customers and access pre-qualified credit union members that are in the market for an automobile, increasing dealership opportunities through CUDL’s credit union lending platform. The portal allows dealers to view the status of loan applications and access a variety of other tools that help them monitor lending activity on the CUDL Lending Platform and improve their overall operation.

Features of the new portal include: the ability to easily search credit union member loan pre-approvals; a Dealer Queue for viewing and tracking all pending and funded deals; and view CUDL’s national, regional and credit union message boards that are displayed on the CUDL System, providing enhanced communication between dealers and credit unions. Dealers also can monitor data through the CUDL AutoSMART website, such as vehicle inventory being promoted to credit union members through the AutoSMART website.


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