Cyota Fights Phishing With ReverseAuthentication

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NEW YORK - (07/26/05) -- Cyota Inc. said it has introduced anew solution for combating online phishing by using reverseauthentication, a consistent way for credit unions and banks tovalidate themselves to customers for online transactions and emailcommunications. The company's eStamp solution verifies the creditunion's website to the accountholder with a personalized graphicalwatermark before the accountholder discloses login information.When the credit union displays the correct user-selected image, theuser/accountholder knows it is safe to begin the transaction.eStamp can also be embedded into email communications from creditunions to accountholders to further preserve the credibility andintegrity of the online channel. Cyota is offering eStamp at a costof 10 cents per user per year.

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