Digital Mailroom Expands CUNA Mutual'sProcessing Capacity

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MADISON, Wis. - (01/19/05) -- CUNA Mutual Group said it hasexpanded its contract with Captiva Software Corp. to help it bettercapture and process the 25 million pages of mail, faxes and otherdocuments it receives each year. Under the deal, CUNA Mutual willuse Captiva's Digital Mailroom, an automated classification androuting system for digitized images of inbound mail and electroniccommunications, to capture, extract and perfect information fromincoming proof of insurance and other documents. CUNA Mutual hasbeen using San Diego-based Captiva'a InputAccel document capturesoftware since 1999. The software scans and captures 100,000 pagesa day. The new contract will expand CUNA Mutual's use ofInputAccel.

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