Elderly CU Member Swindled Out Of $17,000

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COLUMBIA, S.C. – A 71-year-old woman was scammed out of $17,000 last month by two people who convinced her to withdraw money from her account at Palmetto Citizens CU.

The woman met the two suspects on the afternoon of May 24 as she was leaving the K-Mart on Fort Jackson Boulevard, according to police. A man showed the elderly member a bag of money and said that it had fallen off a truck. He and the female suspect said they would split the cash with the older woman if she would help pay the taxes on it, the police said.

The victim drove the female suspect to a Palmetto Citizens branch where the older woman withdrew $17,000 from her account, police said. They then drove to a nearby parking lot where they were supposed to meet the male suspect. The female suspect said she would go find the male suspect and walked away with the money, the police said.


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