Ex-Teller Jailed In Theft Of DormantAccounts

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NEW ORLEANS - (05/19/06) -- A former teller at Orleans PublicSchool FCU was sentenced to 10 months in prison and ordered to pay$39,000 restitution Wednesday for her role in a scheme to lootdormant accounts and kite checks at the credit union. JuawanneScott, 32, is the third person to be convicted in the scheme thatdrained more than $125,000 from the teachers credit union. Theothers are Sherry Wilkerson, 47, the credit union's formerassistant manager, and Angela Williams, 38, a former accountingassistant. The two are scheduled to be sentenced next week. Thethree were among almost 30 school employees indicted by a federalgrand jury investigating corruption in the New Orleans schoolsystem.

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