Expert: Focus On BrandOverstated

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TUCSON, Ariz. - (04/12/06) - The credit union focus on 'brandbuilding' is misplaced, according to a former executive with acompany that has quickly established a brand itself--JetBlue. AmyCurtis-McIntyre, former vice president of marketing for JetBlueAirways, told CUES' Nexus conference here, "If a company sets outto build a great brand, that is putting the cart before the horse.Build a great company based on respect. Create a good product andmarket it right. But remember: the most brilliant marketing looksreally easy. Don_t complicate it; keep it simple. Figure out whatto say, say it clearly and often." Curtis-McIntyre urged creditunions to do things that surprise members. "This is the mostpowerful free advertising you_ll ever get.It is not hard to getpeople talking about their bad airline experiences, but equalityand respect resonate across the board."

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