Fires In Oklahoma, Texas Have Yet ToAffect CUs

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TULSA, Okla. - (01/02/06) The wildfires that have streaked acrossportions of Oklahoma and Texas so far haven’t touched any ofthe credit unions in those areas, according to the Oklahoma CULeague and the Texas CU League. “We do have credit unions inthose areas, but we don’t know of any that have beenaffected,” the OCUL said. “We have not heard of anycredit unions that have been affected or any credit union membersor employees who have lost homes,” said Allison Castle,TCUL’s communications director for advocacy. “Most ofthese fires are in very rural areas and not really near any creditunion facilities.” But with more warm, dry weather expectedover the next few days, more fires could crop up, so the entireregion is on alert. “Fireworks on New Year’s Eve arepretty common, especially in rural areas, but most areas aredeclaring burn bans, which would include fireworks because Texas isjust like tinder right now,” Castle noted. “The mediahas really done a good job of reporting on this situation, sopeople should be aware of the ban.”

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