First Touchscreen 3D ATM Launched For CU Market

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DORAL, Fla. – Brazilian ATM manufacturer Itautec has introduced the world’s first 3D image projecting ATM, which it is selling to credit unions.

Transactions on the company’s Adattis Touchless 3D ATMs are controlled through contactless cards and gestures, which removes the ATM from the reach of thieves.  Additionally, Itautec has created Face Tracking technology it says recognizes if the person at the ATM has changed or left, terminating the session and safeguarding customer information.

The company, which has sold more than 50,000 ATMs worldwide, said it is making a special effort to break into the U.S. credit union market. “Our products elevate the image of any credit union via an innovative member experience,” said Denise Damiani, vice president Automation Itautec.

The company, (pronounced e-'tau-tek), also unveiled an ATM that recycles cash deposits. With a recycler built into Adattis ATMs, cash deposits are automatically credited to the customer’s account and the same notes are made available for withdrawal. This security innovation is another step in reducing the number of times an ATM is touched, the company said.


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