Former UNCLE Credit Union CEO dies at 76

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Kathie Kasper, the former president and CEO of UNCLE Credit Union in Livermore, Calif., passed away on Oct. 29 at the age of 76.

Kasper spent more than 24 years at UNCLE, starting as a teller in 1976 and eventually rising to the position of CEO. Shen she started at UNCLE the credit union had just $1 million in assets, and as CEO she oversaw growth to more than $100 million, topping out at $134 million when she left in 2000. Kasper also oversaw construction of the credit union’s corporate headquarters, which is still in use today.

Harold Roundtree, who has been the credit union’s CEO since 2011, said in a press release this week that Kasper’s legacy is still felt at UNCLE, and she “truly focused on serving the needs of the members and the community.”

He added, “Her family should be proud, as we all are here at UNCLE, of her lasting legacy and commitment to the credit union movement."

Kasper is survived by her husband, Phillip, as well as four siblings and several children and grandchildren.

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