Granddaughter Charged With LootingGrandma’s CU Account

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BELLEVUE, Wash. - (05/23/06) – A 22-year-old local woman wascharged with taking advantage of her elderly grandmother’sdementia to drain the 88-year-old woman’s credit union andbank accounts of almost $20,000. Brienne Haggard allegedly broughtailing grandmother to Qualstar CU where they cashed two checks andliquidated her account of $8,000. The younger woman allegedlyracked up hundreds of dollars of purchases on hergrandmother’s credit cards and stole and resold hervaluables. When Bellevue Police Detectives questioned the elderlywoman, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, shecouldn’t remember cashing any of the checks or her identity,or how she was related to the young woman, who had been living inher house.

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