Inmate Sues Amoco FCU Over Truck Repo

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GALVESTON, Texas – A man serving a life sentence in state prison has sued Amoco FCU, which he claims wrongfully repossessed his vehicle.

Willie Koehler is suing the credit union and its collection manager for improperly terminating a loan and subsequently seizing his 2007 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Koehler, who is serving a life sentence, is seeking $40,000 in damages from the credit union.

Koehler borrowed $19,000 from the credit union in 2007 to purchase the truck, which was valued at $26,342. He agreed to make monthly payments of $355 to Amoco and put the truck up as security for the loan.

Koehler had a subaccount in which the credit union would automatically transfer the $355 from his personal account to the subaccount as the monthly payments on the truck.

Koehler claims the credit union repossessed the truck while he was going through the legal system, despite the fact he was attempting to make arrangements for the vehicle, claiming the credit union preventing the plaintiff from making his required monthly payments.


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