iS3 Offers Free Phishing Protection For CUs

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iS3, a developer of computer security software, is offering free phishing protection to credit unions through its ZILLAbar solution. The ZILLAbar is a downloadable toolbar that works with Internet Explorer, providing additional functions, the company said, and was developed as a baseline protection against identity theft. "With the ZILLAbar installed, the member receives a prominent real-time alert when attempting to access a site determined to be a known or potential phishing site," it said. The complete solution provides additional functionality.

In addition, the company said the ZILLAbar was developed to be branded to have the look and feel of any credit union website, including logos, fonts, and color palette. As part of the offering iS3 will offer a free ZILLAbar to all computer users affiliated with the credit union, as a benefit of credit union membership, and will brand the generic ZILLAbar for any credit union, per their requirements.

Members could download a free 90-day subscription to STOPzilla Version 4.3, by far the most technologically advanced software for combating Spyware. Members would have the option to convert to a paid one-year subscription at the discounted rate of $24.95 annually, and iS3 would pay the credit union $4 for each paid subscriber.

Members would receive an offer for discounted ID Theft Insurance from the most reputable providers in the business. This package, offered in conjunction with Secure Identities, includes products and services provided by TransUnion and AIG.

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