journal Reader Question No. 2

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We are a credit union that proudly serves a labor union membership. Could your technology panel tell us how much work, including that which is subcontracted, has been outsourced overseas, if any? What about tech support calls-where do those go?

Todd P. Zerbe, COCC

COCC is an American company that performs all of its work-support and development-in the United States. Our support staff is based in Avon, Conn.; Boston, and in Rochester, N.Y. Our development staff is based in both Avon and Rochester.

Our software vendor-partners are also American companies and to the best of our knowledge have not outsourced overseas.

Gary Daniel, Open Solutions Inc.

Open Solutions integrates technologies from many U.S.-based vendors and some of them utilize offshore development models to supplement their own resources, however, at present, we believe less than 2% of our development work is handled "offshore." No Open Solutions' U.S.-based resources have been displaced as a result of outsourcing as the use of offshore resources serves as a supplement to assist with specific projects that may be mundane or require specialized skills or low-cost structures.

All technical support calls and client support calls are handled by our client care department which is based in the U.S.

Open Solutions believes in delivering highly innovative technology solutions and is committed to utilizing the best and brightest people available to deliver those solutions in the most efficient way to create value for our clients.

We believe that innovation is not confined to any specific region, demographic or industry and are very proud to be a U.S. based company.

John Edwards, President, XP Systems

XP Systems does not outsource our support of software nor do we outsource our development to companies located outside of the United States. We have outsourced the rewriting of certain switch interface modules for our ATM solutions, which enabled our in-house developers to concentrate on new feature development. Our development process is a communication-intensive effort that also involves our customers, so XP Systems keeps nearly all of our development efforts in-house.

All support calls, tech or otherwise, come into our Moorpark, Calif. headquarters. We invest a lot of time into the training of our support personnel. With each release of new software we provide additional pre-release training. Because of the depth and scope of our software, we have no plans to investigate off-shore tech support.

Stephanie Shah, Harland Financial Solutions

The Harland Financial Solutions development office is located within the United States and 100% of the product development is handled in the U.S. In addition, customer support is all handled within the United States with U.S-based customer support representatives.

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