Manager Teamed With Ex-Army Buddy In $300,000 Navy Fed Robbery

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – One of three men accused of robbing a Navy FCU branch in 2009 of more than $300,000 accepted a plea agreement Monday.

Otis Rosier told authorities the staged robbery was planned by him and Donnie Overton, an old Army buddy who was working as assistant manager of the branch. Overton has pleaded guilty in the heist and is scheduled to be sentenced this month.

A third suspect who served as the getaway car driver is scheduled to be tried later.

The men stole more than $300,000 – with $15,000 going to Brower, $60,000 to Rosier and the rest to Overton, according to court documents.

Investigators initially believed Overton was a victim because he was handcuffed inside a vault. But during interviews after the robbery, Overton’s story kept changing, according to court documents. Overton confessed after signing a plea deal.

The complaint against Overton alleges the men began discussing a robbery in late 2008 and early 2009 as a joke. By January 2009, the talk took a more serious tone. After several discussions, the two had planned the theft and decided to use the guise of an armed robbery to throw off investigators, according to the complaint.


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