Maryland CUs Try The Hard Shell In New TV Campaign

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Maryland's credit unions are sponsoring this animated spot with two talking crabs discussing their finances. PSB-The Marketing Superstore, Lake Forest, Calif., is the agency.

Female crab: Going to the crab feast tonight?

Male crab: No, I can't afford to. With the interest on my loan and all the service charges for everything under the sea, my bank's costing me a claw and a leg. And the crabby service!

Female: You're such a hard-shell. You could save money by banking at a credit union. Great rates on loans. Free checking. A bushel of benefits, like online banking, and great service, too.

Male: OK, don't get steamed. It sounds like a credit union is where I belong.

Voiceover: To find a credit uion, visit That's

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