Matz Says Her Statement Being“Mischaracterized”

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - (12/19/05) Former NCUA Board Member Debbie Matzsaid any suggestion by the bank trade groups that she believespersonnel shortages at NCUA are leading to safety and soundnessconcerns are highly inaccurate. “The ACB and ICBA havemischaracterized my statements to suit their own ends,“ Matzsaid in a statement. “Upon the completion of my term, I wasextremely proud to have served on the NCUA Board, and equally proudof the job done by the agency's talented staff. My commentsregarding staffing levels were intended to ensure the agencyprospectively continued its superb record of ensuring credit unionsafety and soundness. Any suggestion to the contrary is simplymischief-making on the part of ICBA and ACB, and patentlyfalse."

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