Millionaire For A Day Translates To $150 In Savings Account

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EAST LANSING, Mich. – Michigan State University FCU awarded two eight-year-old elementary students a $1 million deposit for the day, amounting to a $150 deposit for their savings accounts.

The credit union’s Millionaire for a Day contest was open to its Dollar Dog members, ages 5 to 12, who made a deposit of $10 or more between May 2 and May 30. One student from Michigan and one from out of state were chosen to be “millionaires.” The in-state winner was welcomed with a red carpet entrance at the credit union’s South Lansing branch and escorted in a limousine to Johnny Rockets.

The Dollar Dog accounts focus on financial education and developing positive financial history while offering incentives such as prizes, contests, and giveaways. Children receive a quarter saver, savings passbook, quarterly newsletter and access to the Dollar Dog website for games and fun activities.

Dollar Dog members receive one Dollar Dog coin (maximum of 10 per visit) for every $10 deposited to their accounts. The coins are used to purchase items from the Dollar Dog store at any MSU FCU branch.


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