Navy FCU Wants eMail ResponsesRightNow

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VIENNA, Va. - (06/20/06) -- Navy FCU announced Monday it hascontracted with RightNow to automate routing and responses for thethousands of secure email messages it receives every day on its website. Navy Federal has experienced a dramatic increase in thenumber of secure emails being sent by members from itspassword-protected site over the past year. Because of thediversity of financial services Navy Federal offers, these emailsare sent to any one of more than 70 different departments and thenrouted to individual specialists within those departments. Bytaking advantage of RightNow's intelligent content recognitioncapabilities, Navy Federal expects to automatically route upwardsof 60 percent of its emails. It also expects to automaticallyanswer approximately one-third of its emails without humanintervention. Navy Federal has opted to implement RightNowinternally, rather than as a hosted application. More than 200users will access the system in this initial phase.

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