Need To Talk About 'U'

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Credit Union: Ft. Defiance Community FCU,

Scenario: Lack Of Security And Privacy, Dated Decor

Recommendations: Consider High-Density Storage System; Dump The Paneling

Ralph LaMacchia, The LaMacchia Group

The way we work today is different than it was 10 years ago, and much different than 30 years ago. The desks we need require more of a "U" shape configuration than an "L" shape.

The credit union also uses a typewriter, thus, knowing the frequency of its use would help determine its location and storage, if it is required. Fire rating is expensive: how much do we need? Used high density storage systems are available. Look around for used furniture stores or ask a new furniture representative. Some large banks will also have these systems that could free up a lot of space.

You could replace the paneling with sheet rock and preferably, a vinyl wall covering. The furniture representative should be able to help with some selections if you don't have an architect or design/builder. The teller line should be done by someone who knows what they are doing and they can more than likely help with some space planning (stack high) with things you don't use as often.

Use off-site storage for holiday decorations and other items you only need a few times a year. A soffit above the teller line, as well as hoods and deal plates, will help create a greater feeling of privacy.

Jim Caliendo, PWCampbell, Pittsburgh

Clean up! In your work area, remove all unnecessary paperwork from the walls and store them instead in a handy binder for ready reference. Consider a large bulletin board for relevant postings. Invest in a storage cabinet with doors. Update your paneled walls and if you can, invest in new furniture and flooring.

In the lobby and service areas, consider a back lit merchandising sign behind the teller line and a consolidated community board for regulatory postings and awards. Create individual teller areas with nameplates and brochure racks. Be more discreet in your holiday decorations-red, white and blue lapel pins, for examples, is a better approach to showing your patriotism.

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