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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 2006 Credit Union Journal Factbook & Buyer's Guide. It is our pleasure to provide readers of The Credit Union Journal with this comprehensive directory of everything that you need to know about America's growing and vibrant credit union community. Once again, The Factbook & Buyer's Guide is provided on a complimentary basis as part of the annual subscription to The Credit Union Journal.

This year's 2006 Factbook and Buyer's Guide represents the largest edition ever published by a weekly credit union publication, and we are confident readers will turn to it throughout the year.

Readers have grown to trust that The Credit Union Journal will provide the information and reporting they need every week to help manage their operations and guide their strategies, and The Factbook is a proud part of that tradition. This year's Factbook & Buyer's Guide includes listings representing more than 120 providers in all areas of the credit union community. Are you looking for a resource? You'll find it here.

In the following pages you will find more than 100 categories of product and service providers to help you research and compare vendors across a spectrum of critical areas. We trust this resource guide will come in handy throughout the year as an easy-access reference tool for your credit union's every need.

2005 was an extraordinary year for America's credit union community, with record growth in both membership and assets. 2006 will likely hold the same promise for credit unions, and the Factbook & Buyer's Guide will serve as a critical resource in saving time for credit union leaders as they seek new solutions providers.

As always, we invite your comments on how we can improve or can answer questions on how to ensure your company is listed in the 2007 edition.

Please feel free to contact me at 888-832-2929, or at ghalpern

Best Regards,

Greg Halpern

Advertising Sales Director

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