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TopLine FCU Launches Sum-It-Up Savings

MAPLE GROVE, Minn.-Topline FCU here has introduced "Sum-It-Up Savings," which allows members to "round up" their debit card purchases to the next whole dollar and keep the change in a savings account.

CEO Harry Carter said his is the first credit union in the region to offer this type of saving service, and members can add to their savings with everyday purchases like gas and groceries. Members must have one of the CU's Smart Rewards Check Cards to participate.

The $229-million TopLine FCU has 29,000 members.

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Canyon State CU Offers Cash-Back Rewards Program

PHOENIX-Canyon State CU here is now making 1% cash back available to members who make qualified debit purchases via CardCash. Nearly any purchase is eligible, and there is no cap on the amount of rewards a member can earn. Cash-back earnings are paid at the beginning of November each year.

Cash-back rewards participants must spend a minimum of $400 to begin accruing the earnings, and monthly CashCard bonus alert emails alert members to the different ways they can earn more cash back.

Platinum Rewards MasterCard On Tap

WEST MILWAUKEE, Wis.-Guardian CU here is offering members access to a new Platinum Rewards MasterCard through its partnership with ATRIAcredit. The card carries no annual fee, no balance-transfer fee and a low interest rate. Rewards points can be accrued for every purchase and can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, merchandise or travel.

GFA Introduces Secured Cards

GARDNER, Mass.-GFA FCU has introduced secured Visa credit cards to help members establish or rebuild credit. The product is available to members with no credit history, damaged credit or other members who might not ordinarily be able to get a credit card.

The card carries a variable APR tied to prime, with the current rate at 20.99%. The card is offered through InfoCorp, with the security deposit held at the First National Bank of Omaha, which guarantees not to cross-sell members' information. The credit limit ranges from $300 to $5,000, depending upon how much is deposited and the member's ability to |support the payments.

GFA is also offering credit-builder loans, where the CU helps the member fund the initial deposit for the secured card, giving the consumer the opportunity to build credit with a term loan and the revolving credit line. After two years, the member can request to have their account reviewed and converted to an unsecured card, after which the security deposit is returned.

In addition, the CU offers resources for members who apply for the secured cards, including one-on-one financial counseling, online learning modules about building and maintaining good credit and financial education workshops. GFA FCU is also offering online budget-management tools to help members better handle their finances.

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