On Deadline: Coke Machines To Add New Payment Option

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Thirsty consumers will have a new way to pay for that ice-cold can of Coke, thanks to a cashless solution being introduced by MasterCard at the vending machine. The cards company announced last week it is teaming with the Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Co. and USA Technologies to install cashless technology allowing customers to buy a Coke at 1,000 vending machines. The landmark roll-out follows successful trials of USA Technologies' e-Port by cashless transaction solution in vending machines in New York and Atlanta. USA Technologies' Generation Six e-Port radio frequency technology was developed specifically to accept MasterCard PayPass and other forms of contactless payments. Consumers will tap their cards to the Coke machine's e-Port terminal and the device will charge or debit their account. The terminals will also accept traditional mag stripe cards.

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