PSCU-FS Staging Second CURewards Sweeps

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PSCU Financial Services is rolling out a second CURewards Sweepstakes with a goal of bringing credit unions credit and debit cards to top of wallet during the holiday spending season. The sweepstakes offers participating credit unions' credit and debit cardholders a chance to win a grand prize of one-million points and also features nine other point-based awards. Credit unions that were enrolled in the CURewards program as of July 1, 2004, are automatically entered in the Sweepstakes, and transactions by their credit and debit cardholders are automatically included in the random electronic drawing. Cardholders from 136 credit unions will participate in the 2004 CURewards Sweepstakes. Points may be redeemed for appliances, jewelry, electronics and a wide variety of merchandise as well as airline tickets, cruises, car rentals and other travel opportunities. PSCU Financial Services has created promotional inserts using the theme, "Thanks a Million." For info:

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