Pushing For Better Bill Pay Adoption

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RALEIGH, N.C.-Although SECU pays relatively little to offer bill pay to members, SVP E-Services Rick Rhoads said he is disappointed with adoption rates. About 15% of members with checking accounts use bill pay, he said.

"I deem that to be below industry average and not a good number." Bill pay usage grew by 11% last year, but the number of online users also spiked-by 15%.

Here's what SECU is doing to push bill pay adoption, according to Rhoads:

• Offering mobile bill pay, which should increase bill pay overall

• Expanding the number of bills paid electronically, giving the member more control over payment timing

• Improving the user interface without sacrificing accommodations for members who are blind or who use alternative Web browsers. "Accommodations limit some of the bells and whistles we can offer."

• Increasing marketing and education

• Considering offering e-billing in addition to e-payments

• Adding more online services in general to create a genuinely full-service secure website

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