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We've seen the reporting in The Journal about expanded functionality and been contacted by numerous ATM vendors, and have a CRM solution, but we question your panel on how legitimate a sales channel an ATM can really be?

Answer from EDS-Credit Union Industry Group, Plano, Texas

ATM functionality is being expanded as a value added sales channel to include financial services such as check cashing, money order purchase, bill payment, CRM and web based services. 7-Eleven, as an example, has worked with experts in the ATM and financial services industries to develop and implement their VCom financial services kiosk. Unbanked consumers are directly enrolled at the kiosk, issued a Vcom card and are then able to perform check cashing and money order purchase services. Banked consumers may use these same kiosks to perform ATM transactions.

ATMs today can be enabled with the ability to dispense value in the form of tickets and coupons and can promote direct marketing and advertising services through on-screen and on-receipt marketing message delivery and full motion video advertising.

Owners of these types of financial service devices will be able to generate revenue from applicable service fees and new account relationships

Credit unions are well positioned to take advantage of ATM and Kiosk technology as a sales channel.

Of course, using ATMs as a sales channel is questionable as to its effectiveness. This is exactly where CRM plays a crucial role. Wouldn't it be more valuable if the marketing message was tailored to the unique individual. As CRM capabilities continue to evolve, as an example real time or near real time data mining, the possibilities exist for true one-to-one marketing. At this point, ATMs will become an increasingly valuable sales channel.

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