Robbery Suspect Identifies Himself WithDemand Note

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BAY CITY, Mich. - (12/13/04) -- A suspect in last month's robbery atCopoco CU implicated himself when he wrote a note demanding cash onthe back of a court document with his name on it, then dropped theincriminating evidence, along with some of the ill-gotten cash ashe fled the credit union. The crumpled-up hold-up note wasdiscovered by the postman walking his route across the next dayacross from the credit union. As a result, police arrested MichaelPascuzzo, 33, and charged him with bank robbery. The note said,'Put all the money in the bag. No die (sic) bombs! I don't want youto even look at me. Now wait to hit your alarm until I leave.' Themessage was written on the back of a notice from the Saginaw CountyCircuit Court for overdue fines for expired license plates. Asearch of Pascuzzo's apartment turned up about $130 of the $4,800stolen from the credit union.

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