Storming: What Staff Say They Would Like To See

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The idea is to create a place people want to come to, instead of a place where people simply have to go each work day. In working with credit unions to achieve that goal, DEI Conceptioneer Leanne Thomas-Lawton has listened to CU employees talk about the kinds of spaces they'd like to see at their workplace. Here is a sampling of the some of those ideas.

* Santa Fe Room: This is a space for think tanks and seminars, for interaction and for fun. A color palette straight out of the desert is featured, along with neon coyotes and cacti. This is a cool place to relax on Friday afternoons, a place to share a glass of wine among co-workers.

* Fitness Center: An onsite gym removes all those excuses that people use for not getting in shape. Employees can spend the lunch hour running on the treadmill or lifting weights. Mirrors, music, and cable add to the atmosphere and conveniently adjacent showers and lockers make the experience hassle-free.

* Salon: This is a totally relaxing space where one can enjoy a manicure or haircut, on the job! A massage table adds to the ambiance and can be used on those days when a employee needs a few minutes to chill out and regroup after an intense meeting or work session.

* School at Work: Taking classes to enhance one's career advancement is a reality employees must face. Why not make it fun and convenient? Group sessions could be scheduled on-site, during worker-friendly hours.

* Recycle Spot: Workers can recycle glass, paper and plastic to enhance environmental programs.

* Community Activism and Altruism: Employees want to give back to the community and to the less fortunate, but the eight-hour schedule leaves little time at the end of the day. Why not create a corner where workers can learn about volunteer activities, or maybe sponsor a student of the month (or year). Nearby schools could benefit if the employer created a tutoring program where workers could visit the schools.

Garden at Work: Workers can get their hands dirty and commune with nature, while raising fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The garden would create a sense of pride and community for the credit union work environment.

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