TV Ad Campaign Focuses On The $5Question

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RICHMOND, Va. - (03/25/05) -- A new television ad campaign beingrun by Virginia CU--the 76-year-old credit union's first foray intotelevision--focuses in on the $5 question. The ads, developed bylocal agency Elevation, shows a flexible $5 bill while noting that"Five bucks won't buy much these days." Then, explaining that just$5 will buy a share in the area's biggest credit union, the imageof the sawbuck morphs into a house, a car, a baby rattle and acollege diploma as a woman's voice explains the benefits of creditunion membership. The campaign was designed to explain the creditunion's variety of services to existing members, and to reach outto potential members, as well. The 30-second ad first ran on localstations last fall and is scheduled to run through the rest of thisyear. The end of the spot was designed so new messages could beadded. Recently, a tout for bill-paying services wasadded.

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