U.S. CUs To Play Role In UkrainianRe-Vote

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WASHINGTON - (12/07/04) -- The network of America's Ukrainiancredit unions is preparing to mobilize as many as 400,000 eligibleUkrainians in the U.S. to vote again later this month when theirhome country holds new elections to replace last-month'sfraud-tainted ballots. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian voters livingin the U.S. were allowed to vote at one of four consulates inChicago, New York, Washington or San Francisco last month, many ofwhom were transported to the voting polls courtesy of their creditunions. "I'm sure credit unions will want to bus voters to thepolls again," Stephen Kerda, chairman of the Ukrainian NationalCredit Union Association, told The Credit Union Journal, of thegroup's readiness to help in a new election, tentatively set forDec. 26. The group of 18 American credit unions has also helpedtransport Ukrainian immigrants to rallies around the U.S. over thepast month and has collected and transmitted as much as $1 millionto protesters filling Kiev's Independence Square who have campedout over the past month to dispute what the Ukraine's Supreme Courtruled Friday were fraud-tainted November electionresults.

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