Who to See at NAFCU's Annual Meeting

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More than 3,000 member credit unions trust CSCU with their credit and debit card portfolios. CSCU gives credit unions access to the latest industry trends, responsive service and complete card processing solutions.

As the nation's largest card processing association, CSCU is a trusted partner for insight, education and proven tools that grow and strengthen credit unions.

Just call 888-930-2728 (CSCU) or info@cscu.net to put CSCU to work for you. Be sure to also stop by booth #717 at The 1 Credit Union Conference for your chance to walk away with an iPad! Thanks!

DealerTrack — Your Partner for Automotive Lending
Discover what hundreds of credit unions already know; DealerTrack's Credit Application Network is the most effective way to reach your members when they're making auto finance decisions.

The DealerTrack Credit Application Network is the choice of approximately 17,000 dealers nationwide, allowing you to reach your current members — or potential members — in virtually every dealership. Obtain complete and accurate deal data to make confident credit decisions. Reduce errors and speed processing.

Learn how you can drive up loan originations and drive down costs and inefficiencies. Visit us at Booth #425 at the NAFCU Annual Meeting, or simply click here for more information.

CUES is an international membership association dedicated to the education and development of credit union CEOs, directors and future leaders.

Our offerings — from highly acclaimed institutes to an array of online services and progressive strategic solutions — are the premier professional development programs in the credit union industry today.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, PSCU Financial Services is the nation's largest credit union service organization (CUSO) and serves more than 1,500 financial institutions nationwide. As a non-profit cooperative, our cooperative is owned by more than 640 member credit unions representing over 14 million cardholder accounts and more than 1 million online bill payment subscribers. Our Contact Centers handle more than 17 million inquiries a year.

PSCU Financial Services offers 24/7 member support through four Contact Centers: our Eastern operations center in St. Petersburg, Florida; a Western operations center based in Phoenix, Arizona; and two call centers in Detroit, Michigan. These Contact Centers perform various member servicing and support services, including automated lending and new member acquisition.

Established in 1977, PSCU Financial Services provides a broad array of cost-effective, high quality financial services that include credit, debit, ATM, prepaid, bill payment and contact center solutions.

For more information, visit www.pscufs.com.

Promotions Made Easy
Can't Put a Band Aid on a Budget Cut — From free customization and the freedom to use creative over and over, to original concepts, there is nothing that PromotionsMadeEasy won't do to make your marketing campaigns work for you and your budget. www.PromotionsMadeEasy.com

EPL, Inc. has been serving the technology needs of credit unions exclusively for over thirty years. More than a core provider, we deliver technology solutions credit unions need to differentiate in an increasingly competitive financial services market.

EPL's totally open strategy includes solutions in the areas of teller platform, member services, lending, shared branching, collections, Document Imaging & Storage, MRM, BSA and more. Several core independent services can be hosted by EPL.

Symitar is the recognized technology leader. Combining robust, proven core processing systems with a full range of complementary solutions, we're able to meet the technology needs of even the largest credit unions.

Symitar boasts some of today's most progressive, growth-oriented credit unions. We continue to push forward with the development of both core and complementary solutions, ensuring that our clients have the technology products and services they need, when they need them.

According to yearend NCUA data, credit unions running Symitar's Episys® platform have on average better efficiency ratios than users of any other major system. That can translate to real dollars.

At greater than 99 percent, we also have the highest retention rate of any major processor. Many CEOs are repeat customers, choosing Symitar again and again as they move from one credit union to the next. These CEOs recognize the value of partnering with the technology leader.

"Even caterpillars know that transformation equals survival! CIMple Shared Branching from FSCC is an equally vital transformation for you.

Your members love belonging to a credit union where they live … until they move … or travel … or simply can't get to your local branch. This is when shared branching can help you to take flight. When you connect to CIMple Shared Branching from FSCC, you and your members are connecting to over 6,400 CU Service Centers® locations in all 50 states. In comparison, the largest bank in the US only has locations in 40 states.

CIMple Shared Branching will transform your credit union into one of the most convenient financial institutions in the country!

It's time to fly! Let FSCC help."

CO-OP Financial Services
If you're an individual who likes to think big and dream bigger, we'd like to hear your thoughts on how to influence the future of the credit union movement.

Building upon the inspiration and excitement surrounding our annual THINK conference, CO-OP is introducing the $10,000 THINK Prize to reward individuals who have big ideas to propel the credit union movement forward.

The THINK Prize winner will be awarded $10,000 in seed money to bring their idea to fruition, along with additional pledges of financial support and business services from THINK sponsors. All entrants selected as semi-finalists will receive a $150 gift card.

Visit CO-OP's booth #523 to learn more about the THINK Prize, and how you can enter your idea for a chance to win $10,000.

Credit Union 24 is a flexible, member-owned, full-service, deposit-taking ATM and POS network with multiple processor links, hundreds of thousands of POS locations at national retailers and local merchants, and more than 100,000 ATM terminals across the country.

Credit Union 24's CU HERE surcharge-free programs combine to create the largest surcharge-free ATM presence in the country. Headquartered in Tallahassee, Fla., the Credit Union 24® Network is a strong, growing and independent EFT cooperative and is the largest credit union-owned ATM and POS network in the U.S.

For more information about Credit Union 24, please visit www.cu24.com or call?877-570-2824.

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