Why Recognize Solid Attendance

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ORLANDO, Fla.-In the late 1980s, South Florida Educational FCU used to send a letter to employees who had taken eight days or more of sick leave in a year.

But now it believes it has found a better prescription, and instead distributes a newsletter to acknowledge those who have taken no sick time or just a few days.

Over the past five years approximately 70% of employees have qualified for "good attendance" at the credit union, according to Nancy Crisler, VP-human resources and education . "We created a club atmosphere out of it. Each year it has grown a bit, and after five years we had the majority of our employees as part of the club because we made a big deal out of it. We give $500 to employees who have perfect attendance without a sick day.

"Perhaps not surprisingly, Crisler said a correlation could be seen between employees qualifying for good attendance and those who had been the most active walkers (see related story).

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