CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger
On whether the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should also have a say, like prudential bank regulators do, on bank merger applications:

"Endless proliferation of agencies with the same task creates a complex and unworkable mess."

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CFPB headquarters
Another reader responds to whether the CFPB should decide on bank mergers, particularly if one of the banks was previously cited by the bureau:

"CFPB was/is an ill-conceived and ineffective bureau that was built on platitudes and feel-good intentions, but short on any substance or reason. So dream on, dreamer."

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Another reader is against allowing the CFPB to have a say on bank mergers, like prudential regulators currently have:

"Adding an agency that does not have safety & soundness as its primary concern makes the process a mess analytically and a public media circus politically."

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On a push by Native American tribes and some banks to include Community Reinvestment Act credit for investing on tribal lands:

“You can’t have it both ways with tribes claiming to be sovereign nations within the boundaries of the U.S., but then wanting banks . . . to come into your nation without strong assurances from the governing body about the ability to protect its interests. That dog just doesn’t hunt.”

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On whether traditional banks face obsolescence by not embracing technology:

"Banks that fail to embrace new technologies to deliver products and services to a changing demographic are headed for irrelevance. But banking has . . . overcome existential challenges before. I think they will again."

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Deutsche Bank signage sits on the side of a branch in Hamburg, Germany.
On Deutsche Bank's response to an earlier op-ed by Better Markets criticizing the global bank's restructuring plan:

"In our op-ed (by Better Markets), we discussed Deutsche Bank's reported intent to decrease capital and return that capital to shareholders. We said that would be irresponsible and jeopardize the financial resiliency of the single bank that the IMF recently concluded was the most important net contributor to systemic risk in the global banking system."

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James von Moltke, chief financial officer of Deutsche Bank.
Another reader reacts to a Deutsche Bank top executive defending their massive restructuring plan in response criticisms in an earlier op-ed:

"Better Markets just got taken to the woodshed."

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