Fed Chairman Jerome Powell
On how the Federal Reserve has surprisingly warmed up to Community Reinvestment Act reforms, such as expanding certain activites for CRA credit:

"CRA should be expanded to include providing credit for opportunity zones for my pals and loans for high end condos, golf courses for me and my family . . . And let’s encourage banks to join payday lenders and Wells Fargo to take advantage of soldiers and students."

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Democratic presidential debate
On where some of the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates stand on financial services issues:

"There is an all out assault on capitalism by Democrats, who assume banks willfully/wantonly abuse consumers, and are responsible for/can cure economic inequality. That is the lens through which topics of consequence will be."

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On mobile-only German challenger bank N26 entering the U.S.:

"Interested to see how N26's real time promise delivers when cards and checks are not real time payment mechanisms."

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An attendee looks at a mobile phone while walking under a Facebook logo in the demonstration room during the F8 Developers Conference in San Jose, California, on April 30, 2019.
On why Facebook's new crytpocurrency Libra should face tougher competition instead of federal regulators:

"Sure, lets just pretend that this Libra currency has value although it is not based on any real value and is not insured. Oh, and lets not regulate it because it is a waste of time. Genius."

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On megabanks JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America entering Pittsburgh:

"One should never characterize Pittsburgh as one of the 'rust belt' cities. It never was. It has a long and very successful history of reinventing itself, and while the demise of the steel industry was a particularly hard hit for the region, the region rebounded rather quickly."

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On the startup banks that opened up in 2019:

"It's encouraging to see renewed interest in de novo banks, not least because an industry no one wants to get into is generally not a healthy one."

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On whether bank privacy laws under Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act should also apply to tech firms:

"As the author outlines, the implementation of Title V has met the test of addressing the needs of customers as well as the firms that provide them with financial services, and it has successfully adapted to the evolution of financial services technology."

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On a letter by 25 state attorneys general opposing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from curtailing its regulations on overdraft.

"It should have been disclosed it is a Democrat letter in this article. If it was bi-partisan, it would have been a bigger story."

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