Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.
On Democratic lawmakers grilling big-bank CEOs about how much more they make than their workers:

"What's the pay disparity between these politicians and the underlings in their offices they snap orders at? Just curious."

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Another reader weighs in on the debate over the income gap between CEOs and their employees:

"Political pandering to the uneducated and uninformed. There is wage disparity and will always be in any successful economy. Some people work harder, some people work smarter, some people take more risks and on and on and on."

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On shareholder protests at Wells Fargo's recent annual shareholder meeting:

"I know WF cast a huge black cloud on the industry, but as a former regulator and banker with over 25 years experience, there's definitely a feeling of schadenfreude reading about this train wreck."

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Sherrod Brown bl061416
On an argument by Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, that the White House must appoint another member to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. board before the agency reviews the BB&T-SunTrust merger:

"I've never previously observed anyone argue that the law requires the FDIC's board to have a full compliment of appointees before it may take actions. If that were the case, the FDIC board would not have been able to act a large percentage of the time over the past 50 years. That said, I agree it would be a very good idea for the Administration and the Senate to fill the vacancy on the FDIC's board. Bill Isaac, former Chairman, FDIC."

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Another reader responds to an argument from Brown that a full FDIC board should be in place before it reviews the BB&T-SunTrust merger:

"More liberal tactics from the 'resist' playbook. The law and fairness require a prompt decision, not a full board. Please ignore this nonsense."

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Outside of Lending Club offices
On LendingClub shutting down its small-business lending business after five years:

"Fintech for prime consumers is easy. Serving weaker credit profile customers takes more skill and operational advantages such as non-profit tax exemptions, CDFI lower capital funds, etc."

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Another reader weighs in on the closing of LendingClub's business arm:

"Took them five years to realize they couldn't generate enough of a margin to make small business lending work.....and yet Fintech is the future?"

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Wells Fargo sign
On news that a top Office of the Comptroller of the Currency examiner — who oversaw Wells Fargo and was accused last year of leaking sensitive information about the bank — will become an associate deputy comptroller for midsize-bank supervision:

"Who says working for the government doesn't pay? The OCC will not discipline one of their own because its management is also to blame for its (non)treatment of WF."

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Warren Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway.
On an argument that banks may find themselves pressured to do more to address economic inequality, just as they have on climate change and guns:

"Warren Buffett said, "I don't believe in imposing my political opinions on the activities of our business" and "I don't believe in imposing my views on 370,000 employees and a million shareholders. I'm not their nanny on that." Words Corbat and Dimon should live by."

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